Vertical Platform Lifts, When Are Vertical Lifts The Best Choice For Your Mobility


Vertical Lift

Vertical Lifts for Home Access

According to the CDC, over 18 million Americans suffer from mobility difficulties. For people with these difficulties, even entering and exiting their homes can become a challenge. Vertical platform lifts may be a great solution.


When Are Vertical Lifts the Best Choice for Your Mobility?

Vertical Platform Lifts are a great way to gain access to your home from a driveway, sidewalk, or garage.

They are built to withstand weather, even in harsh conditions like upstate New York, so can be installed outside, or can be installed in a garage, or in a shaft way for travel from one floor to another.


A platform lift can travel up to 5 feet without requiring walls to surround it. For distances greater than five feet, an enclosure can be provided, or a shaft way can be built to accommodate the lift for safe travel. For un-enclosed lifts a safety pan is incorporated under the platform, stopping the lift from downward travel if an obstruction is encountered (children’s toys, pets, gardening tools, etc.)


Vertical lifts are a great choice. They usually require much less space than a wheelchair ramp, and when the lift height is more than 3 feet, they are usually more cost effective than a ramp. They are weather-ready and can be covered outside to avoid snow accumulation. Unlike stair lifts, lifts carry a person along with their mobility device, and can even carry a companion or family member.


Vertical platform lifts can travel up to fourteen feet, and can be a good solution to getting from a basement garage to living space on the floor above.  Lifts can have up to three stops, so may be effective in reaching several landings in a split level home, or ground level as well as two floors.

There are no special power requirements for VPLs; they operate on 120 volt circuits, and are often battery operated (with continuous re-charging), allowing them to be used even during a power outage.


When looking at gaining access to and from your home, include vertical platform lifts as an option to consider. A home mobility specialist can help determine whether a vertical platform lift is right for your needs.