Carrying heavy goods up and down stairs poses a risk for employees. Increase efficiency with commercial dumbwaiters.

Dumbwaiters were originally designed to carry food from a basement kitchen to the dining room, and their use expanded to carry groceries, laundry, firewood, and many other items from floor to floor. Today dumbwaiters are used in both residential and commercial applications to move almost anything other than people. They are a great convenience, and a means of providing freedom and safety in moving items from floor to floor.


Commercial dumbwaiters move trays of food, drinks, file boxes, medical lab items, and other heavy objects from floor to floor without incurring the risk of a fall carrying these items up or down the stairs.

Some of the many options include floor or counter height loading, stainless steel cars and doors for food handling, bi-parting or swing gates, car here lights, and removable shelves. Let us help you design a solution to getting items from floor to floor in your restaurant, office or lab. Call us today!

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