Residential elevators were a chosen amenity for more than 94,000 homeowners last year! These homeowners were among a growing number of individuals who recognize the many benefits of adding an elevator to their multi-story homes.

Home elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are useful for people of all ages and mobility. Northstar Lifts LLC offers a wide range of home elevator styles and finishes that will beautifully blend into your home.

Today’s home elevators are high quality,
low maintenance and surprisingly affordable.

They can be incorporated into the plan for new construction or retrofitted into an existing home. The addition of a residential elevator is truly the ultimate way to “age proof” any home as it will eliminate the potential for access limitations created by physical disabilities.

Any builder will tell you that it’s always cheaper to “build up than out”. That’s why many home owners are choosing to build multi-story homes with an elevator, rather than the more costly single-story home. The cost of adding a residential elevator to a multi-story floor plan is off-set by the savings realized on additional foundation and roofing materials for the single-story plan. Multi-story homes with residential elevators can also be the ideal solution for building lots that are small or that have restrictions due to shore land setbacks.

Increase Independence and Home Value:

The presence of a residential elevator is an impressive amenity that increases the resale value of any home and makes it more desirable to a wider market of home buyers. Recent research indicates an elevator can add nearly 10% to the value of your home, creating significant lifestyle and financial incentives for homeowners. Whether for luxury or necessity, a home elevator is a sound investment!

With high quality elevators from leading manufacturers like Garaventa, Northstar Lifts can add a high quality elevator to your home, increasing your independence for years to come. Residential Elevators offer luxury and convenience at surprisingly affordable prices. Select from hundreds of finishes, cab sizes and cab configurations.

Plan for now, or for the future, but call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how a home elevator from Northstar Lifts can work for you!

Superior Products & Installation Expertise:

Northstar Lifts specialize in providing custom, state of the art residential and commercial access solutions for every situation. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible products and services at the best possible prices. Our installations are done by experienced professionals and adhere to all applicable codes and regulations.

With our wide variety of products available from leading manufacturers, you are sure to find an elevator that meets your needs and fits your decor. From handcrafted wood interiors to stylish lighting and trim fixtures, a custom designed elevator by Northstar Lifts is the perfect combination of function and beauty!

Space saving elevators:

If you’re considering a home elevator, but space is limited, there are options available! The SHC elevator can service two levels and its space saving design eliminates the need for building a shaftway – making it both compact and economical. This elevator virtually “disappears” through the floor with the top panel of the cab closing the opening above when it lowers, leaving an unobstructed, walkable floor.

The elevator’s compact design retrofits into most homes, is easy to install and is budget friendly. When space and budgets are limited, Northstar Lifts has the solution!

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