Residential Patient Lift Systems

A Safer Way for Both Caregiver and Client

Providing transfers from a bed to a wheelchair, or to a shower bench or bathtub can be difficult or impossible for family members or caregivers, and risks injury to the person assisting with the transfer. Overhead patient lift systems allow you to safely transfer someone from chair to bed, chair to bath seat, and even room to room. Ceiling lifts dramatically reduce injuries from the handling of clients in both institutional and homecare settings, and are safer for the person being transported.

Why work with Northstar Lifts?


Northstar offers a full range of patient lifts, from lightweight transportable lifts that can be moved from room to room to self- propelled, multi- function lifts with options like turntables, free standing rails, and full room coverage X-Y“gantry” lifts. Units are battery operated, and work even in the event of a power outage. We have a “transpoint transfer” system that allows you to transfer from room to room without cutting through doorway headers.

Complete all daily living needs

We can help you design a lift system that will let you complete all daily living needs from bedroom to bathroom, and throughout the house.

Meet every lift and transfer need

Our full range of comfort, hygiene and bath slings will meet every lift and transfer need from getting into and out of bed, to bath to wheelchair.

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