Residential Vertical Platform Lifts & Inclined Platform Lifts

Residential Vertical Platform Lifts

Most homes in upstate New York are built with steps up to a porch or landing, and often another step up into the home. This becomes a serious obstacle should someone in the family become mobility impaired, and often a ramp is not feasible due to space or length (a ramp should have a 1:12 pitch- 1 foot of ramp for 1 inch of rise. For example: a 36” door threshold height requires a 36’ ramp!)

Residential vertical platform lifts or inclined platform lifts are the most effective solution for many homes. A wheelchair lift can provide access to a raised porch or deck or from a basement or garage to an upper floor, and can travel up to 14’!

Some advantages to a porch lift:

  • A smaller footprint compared to a ramp
  • For higher rises (<36”) a platform lift is more cost effective than a ramp!
  • These units are designed to be installed outdoors and stand up well to harsh winters
  • Easier than pushing a wheelchair up a ramp
  • Snow removal is easier, or can be eliminated with a cover


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Most vertical platform lifts or inclined platform lifts operate on a standard 120v household circuit, and many are actually battery- powered, allowing them to operate even during a power outage! Auto folding ramps, gates with interlocks, push button or paddle switches, and platform courtesy lighting are some of the many options available. Why not call us today and schedule a no obligation home visit to determine a solution to your accessibility needs?

Residential Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts can overcome the barrier of stairs inside or outside a home without costly modifications. If you or someone in your family is a wheelchair, scooter, or walker user a platform lift can eliminate the obstacle of stairs. Platforms with manual or auto-folding features, safety rails and ramps, Side- loading capability, wireless call/ send buttons, and in-transit lighting are some of the many options available.

Lifts can be mounted directly on walls, on 2x 8 supports mounted to walls, or tower mounted on the stairs. Several platform sizes are available. Units can be wired into the home’s electrical supply, or can even be battery operated! Give us a call! We’ll help you determine the best solution to accessing your home today.

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