One of the greatest risks of injury in the home results from
falls incurred while carrying objects up and down stairs.

Dumbwaiters were originally designed to carry food from a basement kitchen to the dining room, and their use expanded to carry groceries, laundry, firewood, and many other items from floor to floor. Today dumbwaiters are used in both residential and commercial applications to move almost anything other than people. They are a great convenience, and a means of providing freedom and safety in moving items from floor to floor.



Residential Dumbwaiters are a great way to move heavy items such as laundry, luggage, or groceries from a basement level garage to a kitchen, or to an upper floor or attic space for storage. A dumbwaiter can be hidden inside a kitchen cabinet, allowing you to remove groceries at counter height. The small footprint can be easily accommodated in closet space and can have multiple stops from basement to attic.

No more carrying heavy items up and down stairs, risking a fall or injury. Call us for a home visit to determine the best installation options for your dumbwaiter.

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