Inclined Platform Lifts

Access multiple levels using the stair way

Incline platform lifts are a great way to overcome vertical barriers when a vertical platform lift or elevator isn’t a practical option. An inclined lift travels over the stairs and folds out of the way when not in use to provide travel for others. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and can travel straight runs, or around corners or turns, and can accommodate access to multiple levels.

Inclined Platform Lifts

Northstar Lifts offers a full range of inclined platform lifts with professional design, installation, and full- service maintenance. Inclined lifts are available in a variety of sizes and often require little or no structural modification. They can be mounted directly on the wall, on towers mounted on the stairs, or even on towers mounted between railings in many commercial applications.

On-Site Inclined Platform Lift Evaluations

One of the common challenges to many homes, schools, or churches is to provide access to different levels where there is simply is no good location for a vertical lift or elevator. Often the answer is an Inclined Platform Lift. Inclined wheelchair lifts travel over stairs to provide access to various levels with little or no structural modifications, and eliminate the need for a wheelchair user to transfer to and from their chair.

Inclined Platform Lift Configurations

Stair wells come in many shapes and sizes, and so do inclined platform lifts! We can provide lifts that serve multiple levels, and can handle straight or curved stairs, turns and switchbacks, and intermediate landings. When folded the lift will not block the stairway. ADA compliant, and built to meet or exceed all National Safety Code (ANSI/ASME) code requirements.

Call today for an expert measurement and design for your inclined platform lift solution!

Lifts for Curved or Turning Stairs

The Artira® Lift can travel around corners, across intermediate landings, and even serve multiple floors. With its remote mount drive system capability, it provides a very small folded profile to allow minimal interference on stairways and at landings. Fold and unfold functions are done through the push of a button. A variety of platform sizes are available to fit many different applications.

Straight Stairway Platform Lifts

The Xpress II and X3 by Garaventa are designed to provide access over straight runs of stairs. Indoor and outdoor models are both available. These lifts can be mounted directly on the wall, or mounted on towers attached to the stair treads if a suitable wall is not available. Call us today to assist with determining the best solutions for your accessibility needs!

Inclined Platform Lifts for Your Home

Inclined platform lifts can overcome the barrier of stairs inside or outside a home without costly modifications. If you or someone in your family is a wheelchair, scooter, or walker user a platform lift can eliminate the obstacle of stairs. Platforms with manual or auto-folding features, safety rails and ramps, Side- loading capability, wireless call/ send buttons, and in-transit lighting are some of the many options available.

Mount and Platform Flexibility

Lifts can be mounted directly on walls, on 2x 8 supports mounted to walls, or tower mounted on the stairs. Several platform sizes are available. Units can be wired into the home’s electrical supply, or can even be battery operated! Give us a call! We’ll help you determine the best solution to accessing your home today.

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