LU/LA (limited use/ limited application) elevators are commercial elevators designed to meet the needs of smaller public access buildings like offices, schools, banks, or churches. They are often a less costly alternative to traditional commercial elevators.

Advantages over traditional commercial elevators include:

  • Shaft ways can be wood frame and sheet-rock vs a masonry shaft way reducing construction costs.
  • Smaller pit depth and overhead requirements
  • Smaller shaft way size reducing the floor space taken for an elevator
  • Lower safety equipment costs for integration with fire alarms, etc. vs other commercial elevators (they are Not less safe though!)
  • Single Phase power (230 vac) vs three phase power that many buildings may not be wired for.

wide variety of finishes are available for a LU/LA elevator, including stainless steel, painted finishes, raised laminate panels, and even custom interiors.

LU/LAs can be built for three phase power if preferred. They can be integrated with phase one fire service, and will include audio floor arrival chimes, braille markers, and directional travel lanterns. Northstar will supply detailed requirements for machine room and shaft way compliance with all applicable codes.

  • Limited to 25’ of travel
  • Maximum 1,400 pound capacity
  • 18 square feet interior
  • 30 Feet per minute travel

For some applications the ideal equipment solution lies in between a vertical platform lift or a full blown LU/LA elevator. The CPL is a true hybrid between these two.

A CPL is based on a hydraulic elevator, but uses constant pressure vs automatic operation (you must push and hold the button for the CPL to travel as opposed to pushing and releasing a specific floor button for the elevator.)

The CPL has side walls and a ceiling with LED lighting like an elevator cab as well as the cab operating panel, but does not have cab gates. The smooth, finished walls of the shaft way are exposed to the user like a vertical platform lift. Swing doors may be used on the shaft way, but must be flush with the interior of the shaft. Power door operators swing the shaft way doors open when the CPL arrives at the desired floor.

The CPL travels at 30 FPM vs 17 (or 10) FPM of the vertical platform lift. It also has a 1,400 lb. capacity vs the 750 lb. limitation of a vertical platform lift. One of the greatest advantages is that this lift comes at a much lower cost than the LU/LA elevator (as much as 40% less)!

When greater capacity, or a more finished look are desired, and value engineering is required, this may be the ideal solution!

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