Vertical Platform Lifts for Commercial Properties

Vertical platform lifts are a widely used solution to overcome architectural barriers in schools, churches and office buildings, as well as many homes.

Versatile and cost effective, they are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and drive types. They can be installed either indoors or outdoors, and are made to withstand the elements, even in harsher climates like upstate New York.


Unenclosed lifts are available for up to 60 inches of travel. They have safety gates, and obstruction sensing under-pans to stop the lift if something gets in the way of downward travel.


Enclosed lifts come with their own shaft way; typically aluminum or steel framing with either steel panels or see through plexi- or safety glass panels.

Platform lifts that have their own enclosure eliminate the need to construct a shaft way, and can be a great answer to getting people out of the weather while using the lift. Enclosures can be solid or glass panels to create openness while in the lift. Take a look at our gallery for some ideas on uses both indoors and out!


Shaft way lifts are designed to be installed in a drywall or other type of shaft way, can travel up to 14 feet and stop at intermediate landings.

Vertical platform lifts in a shaft way allow for travel greater than 60” in height (up to 14 feet), and are a good solution for floor to floor travel. Doors may be aluminum and glass, or steel or wood fire rated depending on the building configuration and requirements. The shaft way can be open at the upper landing with a gate instead of a door for a more open appearance.


  • Different platform sizes- stock and custom available
  • Straight thru on/off, adjacent access or same side on/off configurations
  • Toggle switch or elevator style push button controls
  • Safety gates, glass, or fire-rated doors
  • Hydraulic or screw drive systems
  • Power door or gate openers
  • Courtesy lights on the platform

There are many options. Let us help you find the unit that is best for your specific needs.

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