Every elevator and lift has numerous safety devices engineered into each aspect of the design. Those safety devices require regular testing, inspection and maintenance to insure that they work when you need them.

Northstar encourages regular maintenance to keep your equipment in proper working order. Some parts are subject to wear, and have a useful life that may be different from the rest of your equipment (like tires or brakes as compared to the engine of your car). We strive to make sure your lift is in the best possible working order at all times.

You Can Depend On Us

Our trained, experienced service technicians are here to keep your elevator or lift running safely and reliably. Your safety is our first priority and we take care to maintain your equipment the right way, every time.


  • Reduces the cost of repairs
  • Extends the life and reliability of your lift or elevator.
  • Insures safety: some parts can wear, fray, or become loose even through normal use. Inspection, lubrication, or replacement of worn parts keeps your equipment safe.

Why Should I Invest In An Annual Service Plan?

As an annual service plan holder, your elevator or lift will be serviced a minimum of once or twice a year, depending on the type of elevator or lift. This will save you repairs over the life of your equipment.

Our annual service plan qualifies you for a 10% discount on parts and service should your equipment require it.

We will provide you with a quote for a service plan at the time of turning over your newly installed lift or elevator. If you equipment was not installed by us, call today, and we will be happy to evaluate your lift and give you a quote for this service. Call us today!

Please get in touch with us today for more information on our complete commercial mobility services.

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