Commercial Lift Disability Access Expertise

Any building that is used primarily for business, or is considered to have public access is classified as commercial with regard to accessibility equipment. This includes churches, schools, and offices. Wheelchair lifts, stair chairs, and elevators must meet all applicable codes.

Additionally, new construction often has different requirements from retrofits of existing buildings. A vertical platform lift may be a satisfactory solution to provide access in an older church, but a new building may require a LU/LA Elevator. We understand these codes, and can assist with the best equipment applications to help you decide what is best for your building.

Sometimes costly architectural modifications can be avoided by using an inclined platform lift on an existing stairway. A vertical platform lift might provide access to your building from outside, and at the same time provide access to a sanctuary and fellowship hall. Finding a creative solution to accessibility needs is part of our culture at Northstar Lifts. Give us a call today!

Specification Tools

We are happy to assist with writing specifications for any of the equipment that we offer. Call us today and we will write the appropriate spec for the school, office, church, or other commercial building you are designing. Division 14 specification tools are also available on our manufacturers’ sites (see links below).

Questions on which type of equipment is most appropriate? We understand that each building, customer, and accessibility need is unique. We are familiar with New York State codes for both existing and new construction. Call us today to discuss your project, and let us help design a lift or elevator that meets the needs of your client and those who will use the building.


Northstar offers links to on-line, AIA approved presentations (one CEU/ LU) that provide detailed information on vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts, Limited Use/Limited Application elevators, and residential elevators. Each course includes Code information, suitability guidelines, and information on specifications.

Lunch & Learn

We will bring this one hour program to your office or chapter meeting, and we supply lunch! This program is available to Architects, Construction Professionals including estimators, designers, and Production Supervisors. Call us today for details, or to set up a Lunch and Learn seminar.


Manufacturers We Work With

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